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"They did a great job from the sales call with a detailed explanation, to the crew that cleaned our old insulation out and added the spray foam. Very neat and clean. When they rolled out if looked as if no one had even been there. Casey was amazing and provided updates on logistics and schedule details. The customer service and communication was first class! The entire experience was a pleasure. I would highly recommend them for your insulation needs."

Pamela R., in Louisville, KY via Google
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Expert Spray Foam Insulation Services

Did you know that as much as 40% of your property’s energy is lost due to air infiltration? Gaps, holes, and air leaks can make your energy bills unnecessarily high — not to mention, your home not being as warm as it should be.
At Louisville Insulation, we provide professional installation of spray foam insulation for home and business owners in and around Louisville, KY. Insulation is important for any property. With spray foam insulation, it is an environmentally safe solution that really does fill every nook and cranny — retaining the heat in your home and saving you money as you won’t be wasting any energy.
If you are looking to upgrade your insulation or are in need of some new insulation in your property, contact us today using one of the buttons below!
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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray polyurethane foam insulation is commonly used to insulate your vented or non-vented attic space in your property. It is an air barrier material that creates a seal against air movement. Open-cell spray foam insulation can expand up to 100 times its original size to fill in every nook and cranny in your property — so you can have peace of mind that no energy will be escaping! Spray foam insulation helps reduce the workload of your HVAC system, meaning that it keeps it efficient while saving you money on your energy bills.

If you would like to increase your energy efficiency by 60%  and keep your property insulated year-round, contact the specialists at Lousiville Insulation!

Blown-in insulation in Louisville, KY

What are the benefits of Spray Foam Insulation?

Versatile Application

Attic spray foam insulation has a versatile application method, which gives it a significant advantage over traditional options. It can be applied in narrow areas, blocking gaps and cracks that allow heat transfer.

Reduced Energy Consumption

All types of insulation are designed to stop heat transfer and reduce energy cost, but spray foam insulation can cause the biggest impact in comparison to fiberglass and other types of insulation. An average house can lose up to 40% of its energy through heat loss and air filtration, and since spray foam insulation seals off all gaps, it substantially reduces energy costs.

Prevents Air Infiltration

Air infiltration is bad because it carries heat, but it can also force your house to draw up air from the ground. Homes with poor insulation draw up to 40% of their air from the ground. Plus, if your crawl space is not properly insulated or has no vapor barrier, it will absorb moisture. This can lead to rot, pest infestations, and mold development among other issues.

Stops Vapor & Moisture Transfer

Your attic can also be affected by high moisture levels, but installing closed-cell spray foam attic insulation will safeguard it from any moisture transfer or damage. Similarly to your crawl space, your attic is prone to harboring pests and developing mold, so keeping moisture levels down is critical to your attic’s well-being.

Increases Comfort Levels

Damp, moist attics are often the source of foul odors and can cause cold floors and other temperature discrepancies. Installing spray foam attic insulation will increase comfort levels for your entire family due to the lack of bad smells, sudden temperature changes, or health risks that may result from moist attics.

Durable Insulation

Spray foam attic insulation is designed to last indefinitely, so it produces fewer used materials or repair costs. Spray foam insulation is dense and will strengthen the structural integrity of your house once it’s applied to your attic walls. Closed-cell insulation is water-resistant as well, so you won’t have to worry about water damage in the winter months.

Spray Foam Insulation Projects in Louisville, KY

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"We could not be happier. We had an A-team show up on time and prepared. Very, very accommodating as this was not a simple operation. I only wish that all of my subs operated in a manner similar to Louisville Spray Foam Insulation. Bravo Matt and his team."

Gary H., in Louisville, KY via Facebook
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Fully Insured & Licensed

You can have the peace of mind knowing that all of our technicians are trained, licensed and insured to perform the work on your property. When you hire Louisville Spray Foam Insulation, you are hiring professionals.

Traditional Insulation

We appreciate that spray foam isn’t in everyone’s budget — but that doesn’t mean you should suffer from having no insulation at all. Blown-in insulation is a great, affordable way to top off your attic and gain more insulation.

Blown-in insulation in Louisville, KY

" Louisville Spray Foam did an excellent job in our home. Not only has it helped with our home’s efficiency but it has enabled us to store furniture in our walk in attic. They we fast and tidy and well. I highly recommend this company."

Lynn S., in Louisville, KY via Google
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Why do your neighbors in Louisville, KY choose us to keep their home insulated?

Louisville Insulation is a locally-owned and operated company. Contact us at (502) 306-2978 or (502) 369-7681. Our goal is simple, we want to make sure that your property is insulated all year round. When you call to use our service, we will be honest. We’ll never sell you something that you don’t need — we want to make sure that the job is completed properly for you. Why not take a look at what our customers are saying from our verified reviews?